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How to Choose a Removalist Company

How to Choose a Removalist Company?

Choosing the right moving company can be tough work.


Moving day is stressful enough without your things arriving broken or with a surprise bill. To avoid this, you will want to examine potential moving companies. It just takes a little extra time and it can save you a lot of hassle.


1. Get referrals

Searching the internet or the phone book for moving companies can be overwhelming. Start by asking your friends, family, and co-workers if they can recommend a moving company. If you are working with areal estate agent, ask the agent for a referral. You can also get quotes for moving companies through Moofer.


2. Follow the rule of three

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Instead, ask at least three different companies to give you a quote in person, as no company can really give you a full quote without looking at your stuff.


3. Beware of red flags

Be on the lookout for red flags while estimating. Forex ample, most reputable moving companies will not require a cash deposit before you move in. If the moving company seems eager to get the money up front, it may not be a legitimate business. Also, during estimating, note how professional or unprofessional the engines seem. If they are late, seem unsure of their skills, or cannot answer your questions, find another company. And beware of any move that comes in a rented moving van. A professional company willow its own equipment.


4. Make sure the moving company is licensed. If you move out of state, check the moving company’s license. If you stay in the state, check with your local consumer affairs agency.


5. Move with a company that has at least a good rating.

6. Verify the address

Apply for a business card or go to the mover’s website and then look up the address listed online or in the phone book. Make sure the moving company’s address is listed and registered with the company’s names. Be careful with any address listed under a residential name.

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