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How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress: A Step By Step Moving Guide

How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress: A Step By Step Moving Guide

Not all mattresses are created equal and memory foam mattresses are a perfect example. It is important to understand how to properly move a memory foam mattress to avoid damaging it. What makes them so difficult to move? They are like giant noodles. Foam mattresses don’t hold their shape like traditional ones do, so stabilizing your foam mattress is key when moving it. There are a few extra steps to moving a foam mattress properly, so be prepared to go the extra mile.

Step 1: measure your mattress.

Step 2: Buy a mattress cover and put your mattress inside.

Step 3: Order a mattress shipping box and bubble wrap.

Step 4: Wrap your mattress in the bubble wrap and secure it with duct tape.

Step 5: Slide the bubble wrapped mattress into the box and tape it closed.

Step 6: Carefully carry the box to your moving vehicle and lay it flat or on its side. Either way, make sure you don’t put anything on top of the box.

Step 7: Secure the box with mobile straps. Tighten them just enough so that the box won’t move, but not enough to dent the box.

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