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How To Move Your Couch Securely Without Breaking

How To Move Your Couch Securely Without Breaking


Sofas are one of the most common items that must be moved. Almost everyone has at least one or two,and depending on the design and brand, they can weigh 350-500 pounds or more.How you move a sofa depends on several key factors. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind in your next step.

1. Check all the way before moving a sofa

Your sofa fits perfectly in its current place, but what about your new place and every step from here to there? Couches can be large and bulky, so don’t assume yours will make the move as easily as it did the last move. You may be able to get it out of your house or apartment and into the moving truck, but will it fit through the door of your new home? Are there stairs, elevators, or narrow doors or hallways that you need to pass through? To properly move a sofa, measure every step of the way before you move so you don’t end up abandoning your sofa on move-in day.

If you find that it doesn’t fit, you can hire a professional to take your sofa apart and reassemble and upholster it after the move. This approach can be expensive and time consuming, but if you love your sofa and it just doesn’t fit, this could be the solution.


2. Find a friend

No matter how many movements you’ve made, how hard you are, or how comfortable you are moving a sofa or heavy furniture, this is not the time to go it alone. Find someone to help you with the movement of the sofa.

3. Start the move

When it’s time to move your sofa, place it at one end so your feet can get in or out of any door first. With the sofa in position, tilt it so that the back and bottom form a V.If done correctly, the sofa seat should face inward.

At this point, it is essential to have someone in and someone out; an additional friend or family member is essential at this point. Once in place, tilt the sofa and slide the seat through the door. After pushing it, “roll” the sofa around the door frame and continue until the person inside has completely passed through.

4. Hire moving companies

The best advice to move your sofa? Hire the professionals. Moofer experienced movers who can move your sofa and anything else you need to get from point A to point B. Your sofa will arrive safely and be positioned exactly where you want it. No burdensome loading and unloading, no slipping and spilling on the stairs, no pivots and no hoping for the best – just one quick move that ensures you and your sofa get where you’re going in one piece.

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