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How to Move Your Mattress: The Best Guideline For Moving a Mattress

How to Move Your Mattress: The Best Guideline For Moving a Mattress

If you’ve ever tried moving a mattress, you already know how complicated it is. Heavy, flexible and difficult to move, mattresses are the lazy people of the furniture world. Do you want to know how to move a mattress without a headache? We are here to help. These guidelines and tips will help you keep your mattress clean and intact as you move from house to house. It may not be easy, but knowing how to move a mattress properly will pay off on move-in day.

Before moving a mattress

Assess Your Mattress: Should You Take It?

Before you start cleaning, wrapping, and loading your mattress, consider its age. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, sagging, or uncomfortable, you may want to replace it. Moving is the perfect time to choose a new mattress if you need one, but don’t leave a perfectly good mattress when you could just take these steps and take it with you. After all, learning how to move a mattress isn’t that difficult.

Consider the size of your mattress

You may think that the bigger the mattress, the more challenging the move will be. But this is not always the case. Take, for example, a split king-size mattress and a queen-size mattress. Although a split king-size mattress can be larger when installed, it splits into two parts, while a queen-size mattress does not. Therefore, a queen-size mattress may be more difficult to move through narrow hallways and in corners. It is important to consider factors like this when planning to move your mattress.

To avoid unnecessary surprises, be sure to measure your mattress before attempting to move it. Manoeuvring the mattress out of your house will be a struggle if it turns out to be even an inch longer than planned.

Choose the right vehicle for moving

Now that you know your mattress size, you can start thinking about the right vehicle for the job. You want to avoid folding your mattress if you can, so try to use a vehicle large enough that the mattress can lay flat. When deciding how to move your mattress, keep in mind that standard king size (undivided) mattresses generally only fit inside moving trucks.

The best vehicle to transport a mattress safely is a DIY moving truck. If you can get one, you can fit almost any mattress on the back. Just make sure nothing heavy rests on your mattress and that anything that rests is flat. For those of you who don’t have access to a moving truck, don’t worry. You still have options.

The next best vehicle for moving a mattress is a truck. Wondering how to move a mattress in a van? Simply remove or fold the seats and slide the mattress in. Another good vehicle for moving a mattress is a truck. It can fit most twin, double and even some queen size mattresses. Although this option leaves your mattress exposed, it should be fine as long as you wrap and secure your mattress well.

If you ask, “But how does a mattress move without a truck or van?” Well that’s where things get tricky. If the mattress does not fit inside your vehicle at all, you can load it and secure it on top. However, we do not recommend it. Many things can go wrong when you transport a mattress in this way, from the mattress being damaged, to damaging another vehicle or causing an accident. It is possible, but it is never worth the risk.

Ask your friends to help you move the mattress

As we mentioned, mattresses are heavy and can be difficult to handle. If you want to know how to move a mattress without turning your back, the secret is in the workmanship. Recruit a friend or two at least two weeks before your move, and make sure you have some food and refreshments to offer to help you. You can even make it a mini celebration or pre-housewarming to unwind after a long day at work.

Buy equipment to move a mattress

Have you ever tried spreading peanut butter with tongs? Without the right tools, the simplest task is a struggle. When it comes to deciding how to move a mattress, take care to select the correct equipment and have it ready for when you move in. Be sure to collect the following items before moving your mattress and dismantling your bed:

Waterproof mattress cover

Moving straps or ratchet straps (rope may work, but these are the safest straps available).



Allen wrench

Sandwich bags


Mobile blankets

How to move a mattress

You have received your supplies and it is time to finally move your mattress! This will be very easy if you follow the following steps:

Step 1: Buy a mattress cover and bag.

Step 2: Put the mattress in the cover and pack it in the plastic mattress bag.

Step 3: Clear Your Exit Route – Move furniture, keep doors open, and clear space in moving vehicle.

Step 4: Take your mattress to the vehicle with a friend.

Step 5: Load and secure the mattress with mobile straps.

How to move the bed

Now that the mattress is out of the way, you can begin dismantling your bed. Depending on the frame, your screwdriver, Allen wrench, and spanner will come in handy here. You may also want a few extra hands to make the process easier and help you contest the large pieces. Make sure you have your sandwich bags handy and keep all the screws and small parts in them, and then tape the bags to your bed frame. Be strategic with tape placement so you don’t lose paint when you remove the bags.

Once disassembled, carefully wrap your bed frame in moving blankets and take it to the moving vehicle. This will protect the bed frame and walls from any bumps or dents. Place the frame on your vehicle and secure it with the mobile straps. Be careful not to stack the bed frame on the mattress because you could end up with some unwanted (and uncomfortable) indentations.

How to unpack a mattress

He learned how to move a mattress and brought it to his new home with no problems. Congratulations! However, the day is not over. You still have to unload the mattress. Undo the mobile straps and slide your mattress out of the vehicle. It’s a good idea to hire a friend for this to avoid accidentally dropping the mattress or having to slide it into your new home. Bring it inside and remove the plastic moving bag, keeping the mattress on its side, preferably near an open window for ventilation. We recommend placing it in a room other than your bedroom so that you have room to assemble the bed frame.

Do you want to know how to disinfect your mattress? You’re lucky! Moving is a great time to give your mattress a deep cleaning. A good place to start is by vacuuming the mattress with a clean brush nozzle to remove any dust that has accumulated along the way. If possible, place your mattress outside for an hour or two on a moving blanket.

Then sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it up after a few hours. If you have a steam cleaner, even better. Just run it over your mattress for a few minutes. Lastly, lightly spray your mattress with disinfectant and wipe it with a clean cloth. You can put your bed back together while your mattress dries and once it’s completely dry, your are ready to go!

If you’re short on time, be sure to vacuum the mattress, ventilate it near an open window, and leave the sheets out as long as possible. You want to sleep on a clean mattress, so you should not miss this step.

How to store a mattress

Aren’t you going to take your mattress to the new place right away? No problem! Renting a storage unit is easy, and you can rent a small storage unit for as little as $ 45 a month. Once you know how to properly store a mattress, you can be sure that it will be fresh and clean when you move it to your new home. Before storing your mattress, it will need a good cleaning.

Grab the vacuum to remove dust and dirt. Then cover the mattress with a light, breathable cover. Do not store your mattress in plastic wrap. It traps moisture inside, making your bed a breeding ground for bacteria. Always store the mattress on its base, horizontally and on a flat surface. Take care to properly pack and organize your storage space and make sure nothing rests on your mattress to keep it in good condition.

When you take your mattress out of storage, follow the same steps you would when moving and unloading it. As always, thoroughly clean and disinfect your mattress before sleeping on it.

And that’s the whole kit and caboodle. Now you know how to move, store and clean your mattress in the safest and most painless way possible. We hope this guide will ease your move-in day and leave you more time to relax and get a good night’s rest. Happy moving!

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