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How to Pack a Dresser To Move: A Step By Step Guide

How to Pack a Dresser To Move: A Step By Step Guide

The following steps will show you how to pack a dresser for moving in. Don’t estimate these steps for packing the dresser because, as you’ll soon see, that bedroom furniture can be too heavy and cumbersome, making it really difficult to manoeuvre through doorways and hallways.

And that’s exactly why protecting the dresser you’re moving will help you avoid accidents on move-in day.

Step 1. Empty the dresser drawers.

Make sure the dresser drawers are empty and there is nothing on top of the dresser either before packing the bedroom furniture.

Before you can protect your dresser for your next move, you will need to empty it to reduce its overall weight. And once you make freestanding furniture lighter, it will be easier and safer for you to get it out of your home. The added weight won’t slow down moving professionals, but it will definitely make things more difficult for you because a loaded office is always heavier than an empty one.

Remove clothing, towels, sheets, and blankets from dresser drawers and pack them separately in large cardboard boxes. The only items you can choose to keep inside the drawers are lightweight pillows. Why? Pillows won’t affect the weight of the dresser much, but they will certainly take up a lot of space when packed in moving boxes.

Can you move a dresser with clothes inside? Yes, as long as you know that you will have at least two reliable helpers to help you with those large and heavy bedroom furniture, then you can choose to leave the drawers full of clothes and other bedding to save time and space. in moving boxes.

Step 2. Secure the dresser drawers

Since you will be keeping the drawers on the dresser, the second step is to prevent the drawers from falling out when moving, thus avoiding potential property damage and avoiding potential personal injury.

Make sure the dresser drawers are not accidentally opened during transport. To secure the drawers when you move, you should use a few pieces of tape at each end to keep each drawer attached to the main frame of the dresser. Also known as painter’s tape, it is a special type of tape that will not leave any sticky residue on delicate surfaces and as a result will not damage your furniture in any way.

Another good way to keep your dresser drawers safe during the move is to wrap a few layers of stretch wrap over those drawers and around the entire piece of furniture. The stretch wrap is ideal for that purpose because it will not leave marks on the surface of the furniture and will keep the entire unit free of dust and moisture. After all, you never know what will happen when you move from one house to another.

Step 3. Remove everything from the top of the dresser.

Remove and pack everything from the top of the dresser.

The next step in packing a dresser for move-in is to separately remove and pack any miscellaneous items on top of the dresser: makeup, jewellery, perfume bottles, favorite family photos, vases, candles, ornaments, books, etc. . toys, etc.

Also, if your dresser has a large mirror, the latter should also be lowered and protected for the move. See the next step for more details.

Step 4. Remove and protect the mirror.

In case the dresser you are moving comes with a large mirror, you will have to remove that extra fragile reflective surface and pack it separately from the main body of the dresser.

USE a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the mirror or mirror frame in place. Do this slowly and cautiously, and ask someone to help you with that delicate task.

PLACE all screws, bolts, nuts, or other fasteners in a Ziploc bag to keep them secure.

PLACE a large sheet of cardboard on the fragile surface of the mirror for added protection. Then use small pieces of masking tape to secure the cardboard.

WRAP the mirror completely in thick furniture blankets. If necessary, add a final protective layer of bubble wrap.

DO NOT bother to clean the mirror surface before packing it; you will have plenty of time to do this after the move, when you have successfully reassembled the dresser.

Step 5. Wrap the dresser

The final step in packing a dresser for a move is wrapping it in moving blankets so that your entire body is protected. In most cases, you will need 3-4 thick moving blankets to get the job done. If you don’t have any of those specialized blankets, regular household blankets will work just fine.

Can you pack your dresser like a pro?

Use regular packing tape to secure the blankets on the furniture, but be careful to use that tape only on the blankets and never directly on the delicate surface of the dresser. Wrapping the tape 2-3 times around the dresser from top to bottom should be sufficient.

To prevent those protective covers from getting dirty or even partially damaged during the move, wrap the entire dresser in shrink wrap, the final packaging step that should keep your bedroom furniture perfectly protected from dust and even moisture.

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