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Important Things To Know About Furniture Movers

Important Things To Know About Furniture Movers

Most of those who move furniture have stocky, muscular people capable of lifting heavy objects such as refrigerators, pianos, cots, sofas, etc. and go down three or four stairs. But these workers are not known for the careful handling of their precious furniture and the chances of damaging your furniture are quite high.

Therefore, you should hire a reputable and reliable moving company Moofer that handles your furniture with care without creating dents or scratches. Furniture movers will take full responsibility for the safe packing, loading, transporting and unloading of your furniture at the final destination and this job is not easy.

Before a furniture maker begins his work, he will apply numbered decals to each and every piece of furniture. These items will be written on an inventory list in duplicate. Movers will keep one copy and give you another.After reviewing the list and signing it, the moving company employees begin their work.

In the event that you pay for the additional services, the carriers will undertake to provide all packaging materials such as cardboard,boxes, straw ropes, etc. and carefully pad all items to avoid the possibility of damage in transit. The mover may also wrap expensive items in thick blankets to avoid scratches and dents.

All furniture will be loaded, tied and tied securely so that it remains firm and stable during transportation. Upon arrival at the chosen destination, the carriers will unload the moving truck and take the items to their new facilities and unpack them. Both the customer and the movers check each numbered item against the inventory sheets to make sure everything has arrived safely and intact.

Moving companies can provide you with a binding or non-binding quote and the quote itself should clearly state whether it is binding or non-binding. A non-binding quote is only an approximate cost and is not binding. Binding estimates must be in writing and are generally based on constructive weight. All these estimates must clearly indicate on their faces that the estimate is binding on the moving company.

It is important that you know all about the types of insurance that are offered for the furniture that is being transported. Moving companies generally offer three types of protection for your furniture in case it is lost or damaged: limited liability, additional valuation, and total value.

Limited liability is the basic mandatory insurance coverage required by law and costs you nothing. Aggregate valuation allows you to receive the amount of compensation based on the furniture’s prevailing market replacement value, less depreciation. The money you pay for this coverage depends on the value you declare for your furniture.

Full value insurance costs the most and covers the actual cost of replacing / repairing an item, without any deduction for depreciation.Contact your insurance company to find out how much they would charge to insure your furniture during a move before you finally decide on the option.

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