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Important Things to know before moving an artwork

Important Things to know before moving an artwork



Any work of art is a valuable investment and moving it is a very delicate task. Hiring a canterbury removalist company that specializes in moving art and antique pieces would be the best option if you are moving high-priced paintings.The professional smooth mover service company carries out the process with the help of specialized moving teams. However, if the artwork is not of great value, you may consider moving it yourself. However, the utmost care must be taken when packing the artworks and properly shipping them to the new location.

Moving Frame less Paintings

To pack frame less paintings, you need to get some special packaging supplies such as cartons, pictures, mirror boxes, and bubble wrap etc. You should not roll fine art pieces, as the corners will bend or wrinkle. The artwork should be placed between several layers of thick cardboard so that it does not bend. Cardboard pieces should be held in place by taping them on the outside. The cardboard covering the artwork should be placed between two pieces of corrugated cardboard and masking tape on all sides securely. In the case of canvas painting, it must be wrapped in “acid-free” paper to ensure that the art is not affected by the wrapping materials. The box should be re-wrapped in bubble wrap for safety. The most important thing is to make sure you mark the bold and bright box as “fragile” and give instructions to the movers.


Move framed pictures

You need to get high quality packing boxes to pack framed artwork. For framed pictures, mirror boxes are best suited. If the painting is large, you need to join two or more packing boxes by putting them together.Begin packing by wrapping the artwork completely with bubble wrap. Make sure to cover all of your corners using corner protectors. Take a masking tape and use it on the front of the X-shaped painting to secure the artwork, even if the glass breaks during the move. While placing the framed artwork inside the box,secure it with additional bubble wrap.

During cutting, you need to ensure that the image boxes or mirrors containing the illustrations are placed in a vertical position. Boxes should never be placed straight. Before hiring movers, you need to make sure that they will provide insurance for the artwork. Moving artwork yourself may not be the wisest thing to do. So, hire Moofer company that specializes in artwork shipping and oversee the way the packaging is done.

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