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The Best Guide on How to Move a Dresser By Yourself

The Best Guide on How to Move a Dresser By Yourself

Moving a heavy dresser on your own is definitely NOT a good idea. If you’re not going to hire movers to help you get your heavy and bulky office out of your home and load it onto the moving truck, then you need to find some trusted friends to help you out.

These are the steps that will describe in detail how to move a dresser with a dolly:

Step 1. Trace the output

The first step in moving a dresser without hiring professional removals is planning the exact route from where the furniture rests to the moving vehicle.

Check if the exit from your house is clear of obstacles. If you suspect that the vanity may not be able to get through any of the doors, hallways, or tight spaces along that preset route, take the necessary steps to act accordingly and resolve potential issues before they arise.

Step 2. Slide the dresser across the room.

Chest of drawers made of solid wood are very heavy, so it makes more sense to slide them safely than to lift and transport them unsafely.

Dressers are often placed right next to the wall, a place from which large, heavy furniture can be really difficult to handle. Therefore, a good way to solve that difficulty is to slide the dresser a bit away from the wall or slide it across the room to the bedroom door.

To do it easily and without damage, you need to use furniture sliders. With the help of your helpers, slightly lift one side or leg of the dresser and place a slider underneath. Do this on all four sides of bulky furniture and be sure to use the correct type of furniture glides to prevent damage to the floor.

As a general rule, sliding discs made of felt or other soft material are designed for use on hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, and linoleum floors. On the other hand, glides made of hard materials (plastic or hard rubber) are designed for use on soft carpeted floors.

Once you position the four sliders under the dresser, slowly slide it in the direction you want it to go.

Step 3. Load the dresser onto the dolly.

This step will explain how to move a dresser with a dolly. Of course, the loading phase will be the most dangerous, so you need to pay close attention to how it is done.

Have a couple of helpers tilt the dresser slightly on one side as you slide the dolly under the large furniture. Go slowly and be sure to use proper lifting techniques to avoid injury, primarily back injuries. The good news is that once the dresser is empty, it shouldn’t be too difficult to tilt it enough to slide the dolly underneath.

Position the dolly under the center area of the dresser, and then slowly tilt the dresser back until it rests completely on the low 4-wheel bed. Secure heavy load on dolly with straps or rope.

Step 4. Get the dresser out of the house.

Have your helpers hold onto the loaded dresser as you take it out of the house. Go very slowly, do not make any abrupt movements and be very careful when moving around the right corners. Always think before you act.

Note that a furniture dolly is not designed for going down or up stairs, which basically means that you can only move your dresser yourself if you are moving from the ground floor of a house or from an apartment building using an elevator that is big. enough to adapt to the load.

In case your route to the moving vehicle includes several stairs, then you should do the sensible thing to hire a professional moving service to do it for you; it is too risky to go up or down stairs with a large dresser attached to a piece of furniture. dolly.

Step 5. Load the dresser onto the truck.

Furniture movers know what’s best for your dresser.

Once you get to the moving vehicle, use the truck lift door to get your vanity safely in. If your rental moving truck is equipped with only a standard loading ramp, then cramming the furniture inside may be too much for you because dollies for furniture do not have a handle for lifting loads like dollies for appliances do.

When inside, tie bedroom furniture securely to the side of the vehicle so that it does not shift during transport.

Remember that moving a large and heavy dresser to a new home is a challenging task that involves a number of risks for the people involved in the process, the furniture itself and the property you are moving from and then the property that you are dumb to.

If what you have just read seems too dangerous and complicated, leave it all to our experienced furniture movers. We will take care of your heavy and expensive furniture and move it to your new home without any damage.

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