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6 Very Helpful Tips for a Hassle-Free Office Removal

The act of transferring an entire workplace to another location requires careful preparation, expert assistance, and a well-coordinated moving strategy. Unlike conventional home relocation activities, you have to keep your firm running well while you relocate.
As such, you’ll need to devote more time and effort to plan a successful office move. Thankfully, professional removal companies can assist you in assuring the safety of your commercial goods and other essentials until they arrive at your new office location. 
However, if you want to minimise the anxiety that comes with relocating your business, here are six very helpful tips for a hassle-free office removal:

Book Your Move Before The Lease Is Up

A lot of business owners rush through their office move. As a result, they end up with substandard temporary office space, or they have to pay more money than they could have saved had they moved when their lease was up. This is why you need to be prepared and book your move before the lease is up.

Get in Touch with All Your Suppliers and Customers Ahead of Time

You need to contact your suppliers about your upcoming move. If you expect deliveries during your office removal, make sure your suppliers know where to send products for delivery. It is wise to assign someone in advance at the new location to handle receivables during an office removal. 
You also need to announce to your customers your new office location and guide them where they can contact you during the move. You can send a newsletter, SMS notifications, or post information on your website and social media platforms.

Acquire Temporary Storage as Needed

It can take time before you can get your new office in order. You might need temporary storage facilities during the transition. Ask the developer or real estate agent for information if they have such facilities you can temporarily use.
If they don’t, make sure that you make arrangements with a nearby storage facility. This guarantees you can securely store office items, deliveries, and the like while moving and settling into your new location.

Take an Inventory of All the Items in Your Office

Building an office inventory is crucial before office removal happens. Involve your entire team to get it done efficiently and as accurately as possible. The list should also include pertinent details, such as the brand and model of each item. Moreover, it should also note the location in the office or storage facility. This enables you and your team to unpack your items efficiently once you’ve moved.

Visit The New Office

Visit the office in advance and take photos of the new space. This helps you and your team determine how much space is available and what items you will transport to the new site.
For instance, you may want to adapt to a co-working or sharing environment in the new office because of its smaller size. In this case, you can make arrangements where your old office furniture can go or put them up for sale. 
This will definitely lessen the cost of office relocation since there will be fewer items to remove.

Set Up A Meeting With Your Employees

Inform your employees about the upcoming relocation, hand out new office keys, and ensure everyone is prepared and knows what to expect. As a business owner, you need to avoid ending up with employees who are fatigued, stressed out, or confused because of the move.
Start preparing them well in advance. Assign team leaders who will handle different tasks for the relocation and point people in case of queries or concerns.


Office relocation has the potential to be a stressful and costly exercise. Thankfully, you can reduce stress and save a lot of money if you plan ahead. Hire professional removalists to haul your items, and don’t forget to encourage and reward your team when you’ve successfully moved to your new place. 
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