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Top 8 Tips for When You’re Moving House with Your Kids

Moving house with your kids can be the most stressful experience of your life, and the exact amount of stress depends on the age and personality of your children. The first step towards the successful move is to inform your kids about the relocation a month earlier. Even though every child has a different mentality, some actions will make them stressed, sad, or frustrated.
Here is a list of the top eight tips for moving house with kids.

1. Make a Plan of Action

Create a list of items that your kids need to pack, and put them in order of priority. Tell them to bring their essential items first, and after they are done, they can pack the rest. Having a plan of action on what to pack and when to pack will reduce the chance of missing or damaging items.

2. Choose a Day

When you plan your move, make sure you pick a day when your kids are off school. This way, they won’t miss school, and they won’t be distracted by the move. Choose a day where they will be motivated to help out and get things done.

3. Include Your Kids in the Packing Process

Since moving is one of the most stressful things for kids, you should include them in all crucial decisions, like packing. You can create a schedule and make each day a special day. For example, day one will be for books, day two for toys, day three for clothes, etc.

4. Prepare a Moving Kit for the Kids

Moving with kids can be really stressful for the whole family. So, try to make things look like a game and invent something fun! Write a list of supplies that you need to pack for your kids, and ask each child to bring one item from the list to the moving truck. Let’s say you need to pack many clothes, but the kids are bored of it, so you can make it a game and ask them to bring a doll’s t-shirt to the truck.

5. Make It Fun

Have a plan based on your kids’ interests. Let them decide what toys to bring and which ones to leave. They will understand and relate to the concept of moving, and it can be fun for them.

6. Start Packing Early

It’s best to start packing your kids’ room with the essential items first. If your kids have a lot of toys, it’s better to do the toys first and then move on to the clothes.

7. Label Items

It’s imperative to label everything when you move, especially when you have kids. Label the boxes, label all your clothes, so you don’t have to worry if you will find something in your new home.

8. Make a Moving Playlist

You can create a playlist with your kids and upload it to your phone. Play it while unpacking and packing. Organise a music event and play your favourite songs while packing. This will not only make the process fun, but it will also keep your kids active.


Moving house with kids is one of the most challenging tasks, so it’s good to plan your move and have at least a month of preparation. Don’t try to do everything on your moving day, because it’s impossible. Do things step by step and make them fun for your kids.
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