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7 Common Items That Are Usually Damaged When Moving Out

It’s no secret that moving to a new place is stressful. On top of adjusting to the new place to live, you also need to take care of the move itself. All your belongings must be handled with extra care when moving out.


Unfortunately, no matter how careful you may be, there will always be one or two things that can break. If one of your belongings gets damaged, you can repair it or replace it. Furthermore, you can always hire a reliable moving company to ensure that everything is done with care. Regardless, one must be familiar with the most common objects that can be damaged during a move. These include:


#1 – Glassware


Glassware is the most likely to be broken when moving because they are fragile. They can easily get damaged if you don’t handle them with care. It’s also worth noting that even the safest packers can’t prevent glassware from being broken. Therefore, you can either avoid packing glassware as much as possible or play it safe with bubble wrap or packing peanuts when moving.


#2 – Art


Some people have an extensive collection of art that they don’t want to part with. You must have them properly packed and transported to the new location when moving. The issue with this is that if you‘re moving long-distance, it will take days to get to the new home and then it must still be unpacked. This can take a toll on the art. Therefore, it’s not recommended to pack your art and only when moving a short distance when moving a long distance.


#3 – Books and Photographs


Books are a great source of information and create a beautiful library when correctly displayed. Moving books can be tricky because it’s always hard to find a suitable packer. Hiring professional movers can be quite expensive and risky. Therefore, if you have an extensive collection of books, make sure they are wrapped with bubble wrap to avoid damage.


Conversely, photos are great souvenirs that can help you remember beautiful moments. Moving photos can be tricky since they could get easily scratched. When packing photos, make sure you wrap them in a thick layer of bubble wrap. This way, they will be protected from scratches and in pristine condition once you move in.


#4 – Crockery


Crockery is often used for your kitchen purposes and is quite fragile. They are also quite expensive. Therefore, keep them in the boxes as much as possible when moving. You can also use newspaper or bubble wrap to wrap them. You may also opt for a thin layer of foam for added protection.


#5 – Electronics


Our world has become a digitised one, which has made it easier to move because a lot of equipment is digital. However, there are many risks associated with electronics when you are moving. For example, the damage can happen due to the sudden jolt and voltage change. Moving companies can ensure that your electronics are safe with you during the move. However, if you have a lot of electronics, hiring a professional moving company will be better.


#6 – Mirrors


Like glass, mirrors are also fragile to handle. Therefore, it’s best to wrap them with bubble wrap to avoid them from getting damaged when moving. It’s also worth noting that mirrors should always be packed last when you are moving since they’re heavy and may get damaged if there are other fragile items close to them.


#7 – You


It may seem obvious, but you sometimes forget that you’re fragile. Therefore, you must ensure that you’re safe and are not injured by anything when moving. One way to do this is to pack your belongings correctly. You can also hire a professional moving company to handle the move if you have too many fragile belongings and cannot handle them yourself.




Moving is a stressful experience when you have so many things to take care of. Because of this, there’s always a possibility that you may forget one or two things. Just remember to pack everything properly so that it can be transported with ease and that you can prevent any damage.


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