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Essential Tricks When Moving a Hot Tub to Your New Place

After a tiring day, having a long soak in our hot tubs can do wonders to our souls and our bodies. We need to bring our hot tub to our next house. The question is how.
Transporting a hot tub can be a daunting task if you do not know how to do it. While it may be a challenge getting things to work out, it can still be done. Do not worry because we have tapped into the expertise of the best removalists in Sydney to help you.  

Disconnect and Prepare Your Hot Tub for the Relocation

Begin by removing all the electrical cords, hoses and water. Make sure to drain the water. Keep in mind that the water is heavy, so you will need to use a heavy-duty utility tub to collect it.
The next step is to consider what to do with your existing hot tub cover. You could either remove it and put it in a safe place. Or you could hire a new hot tub cover for your new location. A good option is to leave it in its current location and remove it to access the water.

Put Your Hot Tub on a Dolly

The best removalists in Sydney suggest using a dolly or a trolley to transport your hot tub. It will be able to make the process of moving your hot tub as easy as possible and is a cost-effective and highly efficient way to move your hot tub.   
You can buy dollies from most home stores and online. Another popular option is to rent a hot tub dolly for your hot tub. When using a hot tub dolly, make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your hot tub.

Loading the Hot Tub onto a Truck

Loading the hot tub onto the truck should be done with care. Prepare the straps ready to secure the hot tub to the vehicle. The removalist can help you with this step.  
Try to move the hot tub to where you can quickly load it onto the truck. Load the hot tub on the vehicle and secure it with the straps. 

Unloading It at Your New Home

Once you arrive in your new house, there are some things that you need to do to ensure that the hot tub is safe and ready to be used. You must follow each step carefully to ensure that your hot tub is ready to be used.
The removalists will inspect the hot tub before and after the relocating process. However, if you have not had the hot tub inspected before the transport, it is vital to do so.
To ensure that the hot tub is in good condition, you need to inspect it. It means that you need to check for things like leaks and cracks. 


The relocation of your hot tub from one premises to another can be done in a professional and cost-effective manner. If you want to relocate your hot tub and ensure that it is in top condition, do not hesitate to reach out and contact the best removalists in Sydney.
With that said, you should immediately contact Moofer. Our past clients considered us as one of the best removalists in Sydney because we efficiently moved their things and handled the items with excellent care. Book an appointment now!

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