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Assisting Your Elderly Parents in Moving – What to Know

Assisting Your Elderly Parents in Moving – What To Know
Organising the removalists who will carry your belongings from one residence to another is crucial for any house relocation. But if your elderly parents are moving, there may be more to do to facilitate a seamless transition.
Follow these tips to make sure they get the help they need.

How Can You Assist Your Elderly Parents in Moving?

1. Ask What They Want or Need

The first step in caring for your elderly parents is asking them what they want or need. If they move into a new home, they may wish to downsize by donating their unused items to charity and only keeping a few unique items as souvenirs.
In addition, you can ask them whether they prefer to move in the morning or the evening. Knowing this will allow you to better prepare for the move, especially if you have other things in your life happening at the same time.

2. Make a List of Everything They Own

This will help you plan all of the movable elements and give your elderly parents and the removalists a better idea of what they will be removing. A list will also help reduce the likelihood of mistakes or confusion.
Write down everything from furniture to clothing, books, CDs and DVDs to small items like jewellery and eyewear. When you find that the list grows too long for easy reference, you can separate them into categories and arrange them in a specific order.

3. Contact a Trusted Removalist Company

If your elderly parents are moving, they will have to pay for professional removalists. An experienced removalist company can help you with every aspect of the move. This includes packing and unpacking, moving furniture, and helping your elderly parents to settle into their new home.
If you discuss your needs with a removalist representative, they can also give you a new one that you can rely on. Also, explain the situation to the removalists. They should offer to take pictures of the current residence and the new home to avoid confusion over where items will go.

4. Split the Move for Multiple Days

If your elderly parents are moving, you should ask the removalists whether it is best to use multiple days for the move. This will allow them to get everything in order and make the transition to their new home as smooth and seamless as possible.
On the first day of the move, the removalists can pack the belongings your elderly parents want to part with. They will load everything else and transport it to the new home the next day. If your elderly parents are happy with the schedule, they can ask the removalists to start on the day of the move.
Attending the removalists on the day of the move will also allow you to identify items packed in error and get them back to the new home in time.


Assisting your elderly parents in moving can be smooth and seamless if you plan for every move detail. Knowing what to pack and what to give away is a crucial aspect of the process, but if you act with consideration and empathy, you can help your elderly parents to move with less stress and more ease.
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