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Safely Pack Belongings for a Local Removalist: Quick Tips

Moving from one home to another is always a stressful and overwhelming experience. Since this move is local, it would be best to make sure that your belongings won’t get damaged during the move. Try to make your moving process easier by following these tips for packing your belongings.

Safely Pack Belongings for a Local Removalist: Quick Tips

1 – Clearly Mark Your Boxes

Write your name, your address and your contact details on the boxes you are using for packing. If the boxes contain fragile items, add the word ‘fragile’ next to your information. This way, the removalists won’t mistake your boxes for their own.


2 – Wrap Glassware

When using boxes for packing your belongings, you should use good-quality moving blankets. Wrap all your glassware with the blankets, and secure them with tape. Don’t forget to make sure that the blankets won’t be easily removed from the glassware when you are unpacking them.


3 – Cover Furniture

When packing your furniture, cover them with blankets or moving sheets. You don’t want the furniture getting scratched while it is being moved.


4 – Use Packing Paper

Fill the gaps between your items with crumpled newspaper or packing paper. You can also use vacuum bags for this purpose. This will keep your items in the box and prevent them from moving around during the move.


5 – Pack Fragile Items Separately

Fragile items need some extra care during the moving process to avoid damage. Put fragile items in a box, and fill the gaps with crumpled paper. Seal the box with tape and write the word ‘fragile’ on the top.


6 – Use Bubble Wrap

Packing fragile items in the boxes will be ineffective if the items don’t get adequate protection. Bubble wrap is the best option for protecting items that are fragile or delicate. Place the item in the bubble wrap and secure the items using tape.


7 – Use a Double Layer of Packing Tape

Use a double layer of packing tape to seal the boxes. This will make sure your belongings will remain protected during the move.


8 – Group Similar Items Together

If you are packing things like dishes, glasses, pots and pans into the boxes, pack similar items in the same box. This will make it easier for the removalists to unpack your boxes.


9 – Use Packing Peanuts

If you still have some packing space, pack the remaining space with packing peanuts. This will make sure your items are safe from any movement inside the boxes that might occur during the move.


10 – Keep a List of Contents

A moving checklist can come in handy when you start unpacking your items at the new home. Make sure that you include the item’s size, weight and contents. Make a note of any damage that the items may have incurred during the move. The moving checklist will make it easier to sort out the things that need to be returned.



Moving is stressful. But once you have found a reliable removalist company to help you with the move, everything becomes easier. If your boxes get damaged while being moved, you can report the damage to your removalist company. This way, you won’t have to pay for the damage to your items.


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