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Organise Your Kitchen after Moving – Top 6 Tips to Do It

The kitchen is the room where a lot of activities occur: preparing meals, having family get-togethers, and dining as a household. Therefore, it needs to be unpacked first when moving to a new home.

How to Organise the Kitchen after You Move? 

Moving houses can be stressful and tedious. By crossing each task off your list as you complete it, you can transform your old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.
In this article, we’ll share six tips to help you manage your moving situation.

1. Prepare Your Kitchen

While the previous owner may have done a spot clean, you can be confident that the tops of cupboards are squeaky clean after getting up on a ladder to wipe them.

2. Touch Ups

Before unpacking your kitchen, you may paint or touch the walls if you wish. You will want to do this before you unpack to avoid ruining anything during the painting process. Unpacking first will make painting easier.

3. Organise

Design a dream kitchen that meets your needs by organising the space to make your daily items easily accessible. Place sticky notes on every drawer and shelf to get an idea of how you would like to lay out the kitchen. For example, if you intend to cook often and have plenty of plates and utensils in your home, make space for those items on your countertop by creating drawers and cabinets.
As you unpack the items transported by removalists, remember to make the items you use most accessible. For example, if you use plastic storage containers daily, keep those containers close at hand in a top cabinet. To free up space for rarely used items, consider which seldom-used items can be tucked safely away in a less convenient cabinet.

4. Add Lining Properly

If you prefer the more organised look of lined shelves, measure and cut the lining to the correct size. This will ensure that the lining will fit before placing your belongings in the cupboards.

 5. Measure Your Shelves

Before putting away your larger bottles or vases, be sure to adjust the shelves or find the correct place for your more significant belongings.
After you move with the help of removalists, you might want to just throw all your pantry items in any part of the cabinet that you can find, but a little organisation goes a long way. HGTV offers tips for organising your pantry, such as: 
Put items you like in the same area together. Clear containers are best for freshness and visibility. Make use of wall and door space if necessary. If you want to cook, pick up some kitchen organisers for spices, cans, and other small items.
The more organised you make your food storage (for example, pantry), the easier it is to keep your stock rotated and grab what you need to prepare meals.

6. Identify the Kitchen Items 

If you have trouble getting rid of some of your belongings, whether it’s because you’re attached to them, or they feel like clutter, put them into a box and store them out of sight for the time being. If you haven’t used the items in a couple of months, donate them to your neighbours or get rid of them.


Moving to a new house with the help of removalists and getting organised is a big job and needs planning. Unpacking the kitchen can be a stressful task. If you have your bearings, you are halfway there. Get the right tools and materials, check out the available space first and then unpack, touch up, organise and arrange.
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