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Want to be a Moofer?

If you’re a removal business owner or experienced in furniture moving, download our Moofer Agent App and partner with us! We’ll send customers directly to you so you can save money on advertising and focus on providing the best service.

Save on advertising cost and effort

Running a business is hard enough especially a removal business. We will do all the hardwork in marketing and advertising and you don’t have to spend any money at all. 

It's free to join

Just register yourself through Moofer Agent App and create an account! We only take a small commision from each booking that we charge to customer.

We look after all the admin work for you

No more talking to salesman or customer at the middle of a job. The app will notify you when there is a booking from a customer and you can look at all the details before you choose to accept or reject the job. You don’t need to hire an admin and just focus on provide the best service!

Download our Moofer Agent App and join us today!